Friday, August 15, 2008

Asymptotic Hiatus

Hey all of my loyal readers! (All 5 of you...) So as to ease your burden of checking for updates on my slowly dying blog, I have decided to declare an official hiatus on posting on Asymptosy. So, no need to check back for new posts, unless I specifically contact you and tell you I'm up and running again. (Don't worry about missing out on notification, thanks to the stalker-like technology that we have been graced with in modern society, I pretty much know who my regulars are.)

I'd like to say this wasn't an easy decision, but it actually was. I no longer have a computer (or even a desire to own one), and have too many other activities in my life that I enjoy more than blogging. It was fun the first couple of years, but then became more of a chore. In the meantime, thanks for caring enough to read this, and maybe in lieu of checking my blog you can call me and we can engage in some real communication! Yay!


CJ said...

But phone calls are so personal.

Anonymous said...

Wow!I haven't seen you in awhile Sarah. You look nerdy as eva girl! I mean in a cute way though.
And yes, we know each other. We use to go to school together since elementary school.
Anyway, glad to have bumped into you and your blog. Now Im going to read your blog all day long.
Im your number one