Friday, August 15, 2008

Asymptotic Hiatus

Hey all of my loyal readers! (All 5 of you...) So as to ease your burden of checking for updates on my slowly dying blog, I have decided to declare an official hiatus on posting on Asymptosy. So, no need to check back for new posts, unless I specifically contact you and tell you I'm up and running again. (Don't worry about missing out on notification, thanks to the stalker-like technology that we have been graced with in modern society, I pretty much know who my regulars are.)

I'd like to say this wasn't an easy decision, but it actually was. I no longer have a computer (or even a desire to own one), and have too many other activities in my life that I enjoy more than blogging. It was fun the first couple of years, but then became more of a chore. In the meantime, thanks for caring enough to read this, and maybe in lieu of checking my blog you can call me and we can engage in some real communication! Yay!